Internet Marketing Strategy

Whether you sell online or offline, it is imperative in todays day and age to have a well thought out Internet Marketing Strategy. Some of the building blocks for success in online marketing are:

  • Content: Content is king. If a website has got meaningful content and its message is articulated clearly, it will build credibility and will have the desired impact.
  • Clarity: This comes from having a well defined structure. Positioning the products and services for the target audience using their language. It follows then that you avoid all technical jargon.
  • Target audience: Defining your target market and studying their online behaviour, i.e., the keywords they use, time of the day when they browse, other sites which they visit, how frequently and from where they use internet.
  • Website look and feel: A poorly designed website can actually cost you business rather than attract customers.
  • Methods of marketing: Which are the prospects most open to? e.g, search engine marketing, newsletter marketing, email marketing, sms marketing etc...
  • Visibility quotient: How visible is your website, how many relevant inbound links point to it. How easy is it for someone to find your website by your company name, brand name, products or services.
  • Website Usability: How long does an average customer spend on different pages of your website and what action does he take e.g, filling up an enquiry form, downloading your brochures, signing up for your newsletter or purchasing your products/services.