SEO is hard work

Search Engine Optimization has introduced the concept of using keywords to target a spot in the search rankings. You live by keywords, you swear by them and you build your entire website upon them. But are keywords and key phrases really all that? Yes they are. However, because you've stuck some keywords into your SEO copy doesn't get you off the hook yet. As everyone knows, the internet evolves to keep up with changing times and trends. Your target market dictates which keywords you use and they dictate that you need to change too.

SEO is not child's play and you cannot expect to sit back and do nothing once you have made the initial effort. In fact you will never be able to stop making an effort because the crawlers and spiders see your content as something new each time you tweak it a little. Your audience will change the Keywords they are using to search and so you too will have to change. You need to change according to what is popular and what your target market wants.

Keywords aren't everything

Yes, your target market wants to find the keywords they are looking for in your SEO copy, but that is not all they want. They are not simply looking for keywords; they are looking for customer service, the feeling of being valued and appreciation. Next time you focus solely on your keywords look at the rest of your copy as well. Read it from a prospect's point of view and see if you like it.

If you don't, how can you expect your Customers And Prospects to fall head over heels for it? You can't. SEO is aimed at both your human as well as your crawler traffic. Strike a balance and don't neglect either.