Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Why use a PPC management company?

There are several good reasons for using a professional PPC management company.

  1. Using qualified professionals to run your campaign should perform better, increase you ROI and deliver bang for you buck. The increased ROI from a well set up campaign should be more than the PPC management fees.
  2. Reduction in your costs. Managing a PPC properly takes time. Some campaigns need monitoring at least daily, and a PPC management company will be setup to do this.
  3. Up to date skill level. PPC providers are continually changing in a very dynamic manner, and so should the techniques used by you PPC management company.
  4. Useful management information. A good PPC manager will produce regular summary reports (not just standard campaign data), highlighting any major issues. These can often be used to improve other areas of Internet Marketing.

Why NOT to pay someone to manage your PPC campaign?

There are many reasons why you should not trust an unqualified person to run your Pay-Per-Click campaign. There are no guarantee that a non qualify PPC manager will use your budget in a responsible way and bad management will actual send your budget flying up in the air. Trying to save by making decisions solely based on management cost could cost you dearly instead focus on qualifications. This is why Google setup the Google AdWords exam and Professional status and yahoo the ambassador program.

Pay Per Click Management Quality Control

At the end of 2004, Google AdWords launched a Google AdWords Professional exam. From 1st January 2005, Bali SEO Services adopted a policy of only using staff who have passed the Google AdWords Professional Exam to manage client PPC accounts.

Organic or Natural Search Engines Strategies should be the core and aim of every SEO services company whether you hire our services or another company's. Solely relying on paid options as a mean of generating traffic will be a costly endeavor with no sustainable results.